Citrus Glen - HOA

"A Little Slice of Paradise"

The New Comcast Services are available NOW!!
(As of July 15, 2016, the Free Initial Installation offer has ended)

If you still need to order New Service,
Please call 877-834-6757 to order your new services.

If you call in to place your order or ask questions and the agent cannot pull up our New Bulk Rate Contract offerings, we have found that hanging up and calling back and getting a different agent has been helpful in resolving this issue.

Patience! We have found in many instances it is taking multiple trips by Comcast to get everything working as it should. Be patient, work through it and once you do history has proven that you will be happy with the performance of the Comcast/Xfinity product.

Unresolved Billing and/or Service Issues

Billing or Service Issues: The association cannot assist any resident with any billing or service issues. They will only speak to the resident themselves regarding these issues. Here are two steps to follow if you are having a unresolved Billing or Service Issue.
It is "VERY IMPORTANT" when you call that you let them know you are a resident of EXECUTIVE ESTATES OF BOYNTON BEACH HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC - "NOT CITRUS GLEN". This will help them to pull up the correct Bulk Rate Records.

A) Please call 800-934-6489. Have your account information in front of you when you call them. Make a note of the date and time and the name of the person you spoke to. If it does not get resolved, try option "B".

B) Comcast has a special department called "We're on it". Only "After" you have tried option "A" do you resort to this number. They may not be able to help you if you have not tried option "A". This departments phone number is 866-671-5645. Let them know you tried calling the Xfinity number to resolve your issue and you were referred to this department by our Account Representative, Noel Pagan.

(Note: If they try to tell you your service does not include Showtime and/or particular channels, please download the two PDF documents below for clarification)

Here is a list of the services that each resident is entitled to under our
New Bulk Rate Contract:

• Digital Preferred Package with over 220 channels, including HD programming,
Showtime® and access to XFINITY On Demand™ (see attached channel line ups in the PDF Document below)

• 1 - X1 DVR™, 1 - X1 HD Digital Converter (allows you to view the DVR and HD TV from any room) and 2 HD Digital Adapters for a total of 4 – TV outlets

• HD Technology Fee

• Performance Internet with download speeds up to 25 Mbps and upload speeds
up to 5 Mbps speeds and in-home WiFi (Note: If you want faster speeds, you will
have to pay an additional charge)

• 1 Wireless Gateway

NOTE: You will be billed for any additional services you order that are not a part of the above described package.